How to earn fast money on neopets

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Do you need to gather more neopoints for your Neopets account? This step-by-step guide to becoming prosperous can help. Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.

how to earn fast money on neopets

Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas Deposit neopoints in the National Neopian bank as often as you can. Saving up your money will help you accumulate more of it. If you find something you really need to spend neopoints on, it will be worth the extra work to get them out of the bank; otherwise, let them stay.

Promise yourself that you will deposit a certain amount of np every day, no matter what. Start small and increase as time goes on. Your neopoints will earn interest in the bank. Collect it at the beginning of every day before you do any deposits or withdrawals. Hit the withdrawal limit. If you have a hard time saving your neopoints because you always withdraw them, put a limit on yourself. Withdraw 1np, individually, 15 times. The bank will deny further withdrawals, though you can continue to deposit neopoints.

If you need np for a quest, go earn it from a game. Get a Safety Deposit Box. Put your more expensive items in your Safety Deposit Box to keep them safe from thieves like the Pant Devil. Don't feed your neopet expensive neggs. Neggs are a 1-bite item, whereas jellies are 2 bites and omelettes are 3. Sell the neggs, and buy cheap plain omelettes or jellies. Additionally, don't board your pet in at AstroVilla - Cockroach Towers is literally times cheaper, and offers the same services.

Also, never select any special services, they do nothing and only take your neopoints. Go to the Soup Kitchen. If you have less than 3, nps between your bank account and your shop till, feed your pet for free at the Soup Kitchen. With a little extra work, you can also get into the Soup Kitchen no matter how much money you have.

The third of every month is half-price day, so don't forget to check in for some good deals on items you can put in your shop. Cut down on toys. Your pet only needs one toy to be happy. Sell the rest and turn a profit.

Sell the items in your Newbie Pack. Click on the amount of NPs you have in the top-right corner of the screen. Sell any items in the Newbie Pack that are not essential.

Buy low-priced items and sell them for a profit.

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Price items with the Shop Wizard. Visit official Neopets stores to restock your shop. Use the same stores repeatedly for better resale value.

Know where to sell. If your item is worth less thannps, sell it in your shop. If it's worth more, sell it at the trading post or auction house. Dailies, or free games and tasks you can do a certain number of times each day, are a good way to start building a base of np and items you can sell for np.

Here's a short michigan cattle market prices of dailies to get you started all activities are once per day unless otherwise noted. Check Weltrude's Toy Chest in PetPet Park. Play Tiki Tack Tombola. Collect your gift from the Council Chamber must have completed Altador plot. Visit the Deserted Tomb on Mystery Island. Can be found at Sakhmet, inside the Lost Desert. This is found in the Tyrannian Plateau.

Visit Coltzan's Shrine every 12 hours in the Lost Desert. Go Underwater Fishing can be done several times in the Maraquan Ruins. Visit Symol Hole as many times a day as you want. Watch AdverVideos 5 times per day. Watch a short ad, options implied volatility calculator spin for neopoints afterward.

Click the Shop of Offers. Don't actually accept any of the promotions. Just going to the page once a day should get you some neopoints.

Play Potato Counter 3 times per day. Open the Advent Calendar during December only. Play the Wheel of Slime. It is a free luck and chance spin every 8 hours.

50k a Day Guide |

You don't have to dress up your pet to get points - simply go straight to the end and send your score, which will always be neopoints. You can play the game 3 times per day. Additionally, you can also send a postcard to your email address or someone else's for np each time, totaling neopoints per day. Sponsored games are supported by advertisers and offer high payouts of neopoints.

The games Neopets features each day will give you double neopoints for playing. Play Shenkuu Warrior 2. You can get neopoints just for making it to level 2. Use the Neopia health plan. If your pets are sick, go to the Healing Springs in Faerie Land. You can visit it every 30 minutes. Even if your pet isn't sick, you can visit the Springs to see how to earn fast money on neopets the faeries will give you elixirs and potions you can sell in your shop.

If you have been a Neopets user for 30 days or more, go to the freebies site to get 2, neopoints and an item of food for each pet. You can do this once every month.

The Ultimate Neopoint Strategy Guide: Except No Imitations

When your pet is hungry, you can go to the Neolodge in Neopia Central, select your pet and then select "Cockroach Towers. Your Neopet will be bloated when they leave the Neolodge, and this will only cost np and your pet will be fed for almost a whole month. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. If this question or a similar one is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.

Tips Look for free trades. Buy the things you need. Don't waste your money on pointless things like un-wearable clothing. Stuff like non-rare plushies are sometimes mis-priced at 1 or 2 nps Know the value of anything you buy before you buy it.

Check the Shop Wizard or the auction genie to get current information.

Check the Shop Wizard at least 3 times to get a good reading. Each time you click you will be getting the lowest prices in effect in one group of user names.


Right before you plan on logging off Neopets, deposit all of your neopoints in the bank. That way, the next time you log on, the bank will give you more interest that you would've gotten.

Warnings Be wary of scams. Neopets will never ask you to put your login information in an email or enter it into a third-party website. Anyone telling you they can get you instant neopoints is probably running a scam. Report them to the Neopets team. Don't try to scam the system with multiple accounts. You can have up to 5 accounts tied to one email address, but only the "main" one can gather neopoints.

Trying to cheat your way around this will result in your account being banned. Don't fall for the "Sparkly [color] Paint" and "[color] Paint Brush" plushies. These are toys, and will not paint your pet any color.

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how to earn fast money on neopets

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