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MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide: This class is unique because Evan use his dragon Mir to fight instead of his weapon. Evan starts his journey on a farm as the son of a farmer. He can use a Wand or a Staff as his primary weapon, and Documents or shields as his secondary weapon. Evan is not one of the heroes that fought the Black Mage personally, he is part of an ancient line of dragon masters that was nearly wiped out by the Black Mage when he fought the legendary heroes.

Magician, Dragon Equipment unique offhand equipment PRIMARY WEAPON: StaffWand SECONDARY WEAPON: DocumentShield PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence INT LINK SKILL: Rune Persistence CHARACTER CARD: Reborn GMS v. First Impact GMS v.

He meets Afrien, King of Onyx Dragon who shares the same philosophical love for all lifeforms. Both took this opportunity to pledge each other by bounding themselves with powerful rituals and spells to create a Spirit Pact.

Under this pact, 2 spirits become 1 resulting an unbreakable bond even past death and also making them more powerful than being apart. Then Black Mage came into Maple World and discovered that Onyx Dragon has great power which he can exploit. On one night while Freud was away, Black Mage meets with the great Onyx Dragon King, Afrien. He asked Afrien to join him and betray Freud and humans.

He promised Afrien that working together with him makes both of them even more powerful than they could ever imagine. He could not betray his friend Freud nor would break Spirit Pact if he could. He launched a devastating attack on both of them and succeeded in separating them before he cast his ice curse on Freud. Afrien threw himself in front of his friend to protect him.

Though the plan was not completely successful, Black Mage plan to break the Spirit Pact has been achieved. Afrien had left behind a dragon egg, and as long as this egg existed there is a chance where a future hero who comes along and re-establish the Spirit Pact. Freud escaped with the egg and hid it where it might eventually be found. Evan, the younger under-appreciated child of Gustav the pig-farmer, found the Onyx Dragon Egg and took care of it until it hatches and matures to an adult Onyx Dragon.

Both of them reforge old bonds and Spirit Pact. Onyx Dragon will rise again with his fellow companion and use this power for justice and peace! Ayumilove MapleStory Evan 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Job Skill Preview. Please refer to Shared Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among all jobs in MapleStory. Rune Persistence Link Skill Enhances Rune Magic ATT to increase the duration runes are active.

Evan Beginner Skill Build Guide: All of these skills are maxed automatically. Mana Burst I Active Two bursts of mana attack enemies in front. As you job advance, this skill improves, up to Mana Burst IV. Teleport Active Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Activated automatically when you have at least 1 MP, and is ineffective when you have 0 MP. Dragon Soul Passive Your dragon contract increases your Weapon DEF, Magic DEF, and Speed.

Permanently increases Weapon DEF: Permanently increases Max MP: Dragon Spark Passive Whenever Evan attacks, Mir might attack too. Evan 1st Job Skill Build Guide 65 SP: Mana Burst I, Teleport, Dragon Soul 1 2. Magic Link MAX 3. Dragon Soul MAX 5. Dragon Spark MAX 6. Mana Burst I MAX 7. Add 1 SP Skill Point to unlock Manage Burst I, Teleport and Dragon Soul. First, max Magic Link to increase your base damage and increase the Max MP so you have ample MP to cast your skills.

Secondly, max Teleport to reduce the cost of MP per teleport and also to increase the distance per teleport. Use Teleport to reach enemies faster during training or use it to travel in large maps. Thirdly, max Dragon Soul to improve your defenses and speed up your walk speed. This will help in reducing HP consumption when being hit by enemies. Fourthly, max Dragon Spark so each time you attack, Mir will be able to lend a helping hand to deal some extra damage towards the enemy.

Finally, max Mana Burst I. The reason it is maxed last is because the max level Mana Burst I will cost a lot of MP and most of the enemies can be eliminated within hits when grinding on enemies that are within your level. Mana Burst II Active Three bursts of mana attack enemies in front. Wind Circle Active Launches a gust of wind to push enemies aside and deal damage. Dragon Flash Mir Skill Mir flashes between enemies, attacking all in his way.

Wind Flash advances alongside Dragon Flash. Activates when Evan uses Wind Circle while Mir is using Dragon Flash. Return Flash Fusion Skill Mir immediately stops attacking and returns to Evan, cursing nearby enemies to take more damage.

This skill advances alongside Dragon Flash. Activates when Evan uses Return! Various effects may activate based on the attack Mir was using when called. Max Level is 1. Immediately calls Mir, mid-fight.

Press the jump button and the up direction key while jumping to jump higher. Max Level is 4. High Wisdom Passive Your mental discipline permanently increases your INT. Partners Passive Evan and Mir are partners on the battlefield, increasing their battle prowess. Spell Mastery Passive Increases Magic Mastery, Magic ATT, and Critical Rate.

Level 10 required to learn Magic Mastery. Advanced Dragon Spark Passive After Evan uses an attack skill, Mir has a chance to deal an additional, enhanced magic attack. Evan 2nd Job Skill Build Guide 94 SP: Advanced Dragon Spark, Partners, Return! Mana Bursts II, Wind Circle, Dragon Flash 1 2. Support Jump, Magic Booster, Spell Mastery 1 2. Spell Mastery MAX 3. High Wisdom MAX 4. Support Jump MAX 5. Dragon Flash MAX 6. Magic Booster MAX 7.

Mana Burst II MAX 8. Mana Burst III Active Four bursts of mana attack enemies in front. Thunder Circle Active Create a pentacle of thunder to decimate enemies nearby. Dragon Dive Mir Skill Mir dives in front of Evan, creating shockwaves with the beating of his wings. Return Dive Fusion Skill Mir immediately stops attacking and returns to Evan, buffing all ally Attack Speed by 1.

This skill advances alongside Dragon Dive. Activates when Evan uses Return while Mir is using Dragon Dive, Thunder Dive, and Earth Dive. Nearby Ally Attack Speed: Thunder Dive advances alongside Dragon Dive.

Activates when Evan uses Thunder Circle while Mir is using Dragon Dive. Increased the duration of the electric orbs, also changing them to look semi-transparent. Changed the behavior of the orbs from previous versions at certain distances. Thunder Flash advances alongside Dragon Flash. Activates when Evan uses Thunder Circle while Mir is using Dragon Flash. Reduced attack radius at all points.

Magic Debris Active Magic debris forms around enemies hit by fusion skills. Activate the debris to deal damage to enemies around Evan. The damage is proportional to the amount of debris activated at once.

The number of Magic Debris particles will be shown on the buff window. Amount of Debris Created: Elemental Decrease Supportive Temporarily decreases the Elemental Resistance to all of your attacks. Also permanently increases your final damage. Max Level is Critical Magic Passive Increases Critical Attack Rate and Minimum Critical Damage. Magical Resistance Passive Increases your Abnormal Status Resistance, Elemental Resistance, and Magic DEF.

Magic Amplification Supportive Increases the MP cost and the Magic Attack of your magic skills. Evan 3rd Job Skill Build Guide SP: Mana Burst III, Thunder Circle, Dragon Dive 1 2. Dragon Dive MAX 3. Mana Burst III MAX 4. Magic Amplification MAX 5. Critical Magic MAX 6. Elemental Decrease MAX 7. Magic Debris MAX 8. Thunder Circle MAX 9.

Magic Resistance MAX Mana Burst IV Active Required: Mana Burst III MAX Four bursts of highly condensed mana attack enemies in front, twice in a row. This is the final version of mana burst. Earth Circle Active Forms an irregular pentacle that raises the ground and damages enemies.

Dragon Breath Mir Skill Required Skill: Dragon Dive MAX Releases a fiery breath that scorches enemies in front. Not affected by attack reflection. Skill damage increases from the Dragon Breath passive trump the damage increases for Dragon Dive.

Wind Breath advances alongside Dragon Breath. Activates when Evan uses Wind Circle while Mir is using Dragon Breath. KMS Version Level 1: Earth Breath advances alongside Dragon Breath. Activates when Evan uses Earth Circle while Mir is using Dragon Breath.

Return Flame Fusion Skill Mir immediately stops attacking and returns to Evan, scorching enemies in a curtain of flame. This skill advances alongside Dragon Breath. Activates when Evan uses Return while Mir is using Dragon Breath, Wind Breath, or Earth Breath. Earth Dive advances alongside Dragon Dive. Activates when Evan uses Earth Circle while Mir is using Dragon Dive. Dark Fog Active A dark, cold fog descends, attacking multiple enemies at once. Applies additional Critical Rate. Blessing of the Onyx Supportive Increases Weapon Defense, Magic Defense, and Magic Attack.

Maple Warrior Supportive Temporarily increases the stats of all party members. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Enhanced Magic Debris Passive Required Skill: Magic Debris MAX Forms enhanced magic debris around enemies struck by fusion skills. Magic Mastery Passive Enhances Magic Mastery, Magic Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. Onyx Will Passive Enhances your sense of camaraderie and your physical capabilities. Reduces damage taken and grants additional Power Stance chance to Evan while Mir is attacking.

Dragon Fury Passive When your MP is within a certain range, the focus of the Dragon strengthens and your Magic Attack increases. This effect disappears once your MP is out of that range. Evan 4th Job Skill Build Guide SP: Mana Burst IV, Earth Circle, Dragon Breath 1 2. Blessing of the Onyx, Dark Fog, Dragon Fury 1 3.

Enhanced Magic Debris, Onyx Will, Magic Mastery 1 3. Magic Mastery MAX 4. Blessing of the Onyx MAX 5. Dragon Breath MAX 6.

Mana Burst IV MAX 7. Dragon Fury MAX 8. High Dragon Potential MAX 9. Onyx Will MAX Earth Circle MAX Enhanced Magic Debris MAX Dark Fog MAX Maple Warrior MAX Speedy Dragon Flash Passive Reduces the cooldown of Dragon Flash. Rolling Thunder Passive Required Level: Speedy Dragon Dive Passive Required Level: Thunder Overload Passive Required Level: Earth-shattering Dive Passive Required Level: Speedy Dragon Breath Passive Required Level: Lungs of Stone Passive Required Level: Wind Breath — Opportunity Passive Required Level: Summon Onyx Dragon Active Required Level: Dragon Master Active Required Level: While mounted, press the Dragon Master skill key to attack.

Heroic Memories Supportive Required Level: Only applies to hero classes within the party. Evan Hyper Skill Build Guide: Speedy Dragon Breath MAX 2. Speedy Dragon Flash MAX 3. Speedy Dragon Dive MAX 4. Howling Wind MAX 5. Thunder Overload MAX 6. Dragon Master MAX 7.

Summon Onyx Dragon MAX 8. Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details! Speedy Dragon Breath, Speedy Dragon Flash and Speedy Dragon Dive are maxed to reduce the cooldown of each skills so you can spam them more often.

Currently Wind Flash and Thunder Dive deals most damage compared to other combo skills, so its best to max Hyper Skills to strengthen these skills. When you hit max cap damage, more lines per hit is better as this allows you to defeat enemies faster especially for training and bossing. Please refer to MapleStory 5th Job Skills Guide for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores!

Elemental Barrage Utilizes powerful elemental magic in succession. Unaffected by attack reflection. Dragon Break Mir Skill Mir uses a variety of strong dragon body techniques to attack enemies in front of you. If Dragon Break attacks enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. Mir skills and Fusion skills are not affected by attack speed boosts. If Imperial Breath attacks an enemy using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. This skill can be activated if Evan uses Elemental Blast while Mir is using Dragon Break.

Creates an elemental area that deals damage to nearby enemies. This skill can be activated if Evan uses Return! Elemental Blast Trio 1: Use this if you have not hit max cap damage!

Use this if you hit max cap damage! Earth Breath 10 5. MapleStory LegendsMapleStory Skill Build. Your email address will not be published. The in game descrition if the Inherited Will Passive only say it increase Magic ATT by 10 and All Stats by There is nothing about Magic Defense, HP and Boss Damge. The in review divorce binary options trading signals descrition of Inherited Will only say that it permanently increase all stats by 10 and Magic ATT by MapleStory has changed the way of Magician MP Boost a.

Magic Link where the Max MP Increment is applied as percentage to your existing Max MP. This means whether you add SP early or late to it, you will still get the exact amount. Hi ayumi, do you know if magic link first job skill only applies when leveling up? Yes, but it was taken down deleted the video due to video copyright issues.

Perhaps some Evan players can lend a interbank fx trader 4 download in recording the video and send to me so I can make a new full-compilation 5th job video: In evans 5th job, I have seeb only elemental barrage in action on youtube i didnt see the imperial breath and i looked at many videos.

Do you have a video of imperial breath? I started out Evan recently. Weird thing is the main quest for Evan does not appear. And also, after I visit that island with a slumbering dragon in the ice, nothing follows up. I am on this burning thing and leveled all the way over But none of the quest future & options trading basics in hindi. I love to do quest a lot.

Did I made some mistake somewhere? I did all the previous quest. Hi, I am playing in MapleSEA currently. Do you have any Evan questline guides puttable floating option know any website that do? Would appreciate the help: I assume they made a mistake on it. Does anyone know windows 7 ie automatically detect settings registry to ride mir and wut levelvi can ride cuz i don have the saddle quest BTW iam from maplesea.

The new revamp Evan does not require skill books as they do not use the top rated forex brokers online system anymore. But do the new Evan Class need skill books?

Because apparently I can up all my skills without the need.

Dear Ayumilove i have old Evan from when como transar en forex was new that this summer i got the Revamp and b4 the Revamp i made my own build for Passive Skill boosts in the Hyper skills and my build is this: PS i checked now ur build and u had a mistake in the calculation in 1 of ur skills: I have set the pop-up ads pops a max of 3 times per day.

After popping 3 times, you will not see those ads anymore. If you find the ads annoying, feel free to manually block them. I software membuat robot forex almost all the maple characters and I look up your guide for all of them!

Please keep up the awesome work here! The only thing that mars the nice experience is the annoying pop-up ad that does so at every single change in page. Eg some ad keeps telling me I am their lucky millionaire draw winner: Can you explain why you recommend putting point in hyper passive Speedy Dragon Breath? Evan revamp will introduce a whole new battle system which requires players to combo Evan and Mir Dragon skill together.

Thanks for your feedback! The damage ranking is based in KMS Korea MapleStory which may differ to GMS Global MapleStory. KMS have damage limiter off and has other boosting skills in maplestory meso making guide unleashed job. The ranking shown in this guide is based in GMS, tested by a GMS player see the 2nd video in this guide. Ayumi, why does this tier list say the best damage is Earth Dive, but Earth Dive is ranked 4 and 7 in the video?

Can you clear this up for me? Use Mastery Book based on the skill you used most frequently Maplestory meso making guide unleashed the 4th Job Skill Build Guide above as reference to discover which skills is sorted higher priority.

Thanks for the notice! I have added the Magic Guard into the 1st Job skill build guide. Does that mean dump remaining leftover points into magic guard? Why cant I use mastery books on magic guard, magic booster,and critical magic which i purchased from the potion shop at henesys. When you reach Levelyou will received a maximum of SP Skill Points for 4th job skills. These SP is sufficient to max all skills in 4th job for your character class.

Magician usually have low HP but they are compensated with a large pool of MP. Activate Toggle On Magic Guard to mitigate some of the incoming damage from HP to MP. Also, try creating multiple characters and form a nice deck of cards using the Card System. For more information animal crossing new leaf how to get loads of money Card System, visit http: For Hyper Stat build, you may want to check this out: Training videos can be found at the bottom of this guide http: The new Evan revamp will arrive in MapleSEA in 4 to 6 months latest would probably be in first quarter of If you are looking for the older Evan Skill Build Guide, its still available at http: Hey Ayumi, any idea when will the revamp come out in MapleSEA?

Also, do you have a guide for getting Evan Mount?? Very awesome stuff here, helped me a lot! I am curious if you are still going to post that training video up. Would be a lot of help too: Hi Ayumilove, I just turned on my Evan, where do I put my hyper stat points into? Do you have any recommendations on what I should max out first?

Hi Ayumilove, I just turned and I have 9 hyper stat point. Where do I put my hyper stat points in? Saw a DPM chart with evan being highest but indicated with the combo earth dive. However in your guide it says that without cap dmg it will be the thunder flash… Any reasons so?

I am very confused. Also r there any guides on hyper stats for evan? Yes, that is expected. You do get HSP Hyper Skill Point for Active and Stats skill at Level For more info, kindly refer to the Hyper Skill Build Guide at http: Was this the same for anyone else?? Ayumi, can you tell me the best hyper stat for evan?

Int, min-max crit, crit chance? Hi, thanks for the reminder! A lot of the pros and cons are no longer pros or cons. I suggest rewriting them instead of leaving it. It will deter people away from trying the new revamp. Thanks for the correction on the Hyper Skill level requirement! I have set Dragon Master level requirement to and Summon Onyx Dragon level requirement to Sorry, I missed it out. Thanks for notifying the mistake!

Is there any reason why you did this? For example, 4th job skill is listed as: Mana burst IV, earth circle, dragon breath 1 2. Blessing of the Onyx, dark fog, dragon fury 1. Would I put my SP in that order? It would be great if you can clear this up a bit more for me.

Hope I get some feed back thanks! Thank you very much for your explanation! Also, once again, thank you for creating and updating the Evan skill build!

It is very helpful. The 1 means adding 1 SP Skill Point into those skills to unlock them. The fusion skills automatically scales at the same level as the main skill. Let's take an example of Evan 2nd job skill Mir Skill "Dragon Flash". Level 5 "Dragon Flash" will automatically set "Wind Flash" to Level 5, and "Return Flash" to Level 5. Thank you for updating the Evan skill build!

I have a few questions to ask you regarding the build. Because I see that you put 3 skills in one line and then put 1 and then I see those same skills repeated again in another line? For example, Mana Burst IV is in line 1 in which has the 1 and then it is also in line 6.

Another question is in the skill you did not include the fusion skills in regards to leveling them up? Is there a particular reason for this?

Please reply as soon as possible and thank you for your time! Thank you very much how to make lots of money on puzzle pirates updating it, Ayumilove! I usually always go by your guide, regardless of priority order or whatnot. I did 2nd job almost right, but then 3rd job completely out of whack LOL. Good thing all skills are maxed…. The Evan Skill Nse index options quotes Guide has been updated to the latest GMS v.

Do let me know if you discover a better skill build based on your playstyle. If you are playing in GMS Global MapleStorythe new Evan skill revamp will be available in 4 days June 22nd The one that I got by playing him and maining him since his release. In the Pros and Cons section is written, that evan has stance … when does he get that? Am I missing something? You do not need NX Cash to purchase mastery books now due to the RED update.

You can get your mastery books from the Henesys general store for K meso. Can you update this guide please? Why do you take Dark Fog and Blaze hyper skills and no Illusion ones? You should be taking all 3 Illusion hyper skills, and the damage and defense ignore Blaze hyper skills. Hi, I was just wondering if the 3rd and 6th growth skills Magic Guard and Magic Booster still needs mastery books, and if they do, where can I get them?

Dump means placing all remaining SP Skill Points into the last skill which it is not maxed yet. Since i think extra 4 seconds stun like not that useful for me and Illusion attack speed is faster than Blaze. I will be updating the Evan guide based on your notes.

Every little bits helps: Great fan of your work, Ayumi! LUK investment is no longer recommended or needed since INT can be increased even how much money do chiropractors earn -Pro-Con section: Zakum mastery books are no longer dropping. Evan is actually the younger, underappreciated child of Gustav the pig-farmer, not the only child.

I made it to level 40 now, and it seems that from lvl everything is maxed with 1 extra sp???? May I know which MapleStory version are you playing? I hoped into my Evan in GMS v. If your Magic Guard has a Mastery Level of 5, have you noticed that in the Cash Shop, you will need to purchase a Magic Guard Master Skill Book to unlock the Level 5 cap to reach Level 20?

Fire wheel is one, the rest? Hi Arekido11 my evan is lvl Hi can i check have the riding skill been remove since the update? I have an extra SP in my third mastery because i got an extra SP put into magic guard automatically when i used the magic guard mastery book i got in Henesys Market. Hey Ayumilove great guide. I was wondering if you could post all the mastery books needed because i need help. Hey Ayumi, is it too late to get the mount quest for evans.

Ceranyth, Blaze is still much better for killing boss. Blaze vs Illusion, which one is better for killing boss? I prefer Evan though for its uniqueness and I like its bossing skills. Thanks BigBingus and Ayumilove: Hope this helps and a big thanks to Ayumilove for this site, I use it for everything: Hmm, when I first made Evan, it dropped that doll within kills. Did you sell that item to an NPC accidentally or dropped it somehow. Forex trading using candlesticks best option is to forfeit the quest and try again.

That stock exchange market in india wiki for me for some quests that requires looting a specific quest item from monster drop.

Can I skip the smirking stump quest where you have to kill and get a doll to complete? D btw i notice everytime i clickt he comment box, a pop-out ad comes out lol. Put 1 SP Skill Point into Flame Wheel to unlock it, and then max Magic Mastery to stabilize your damage to always hit high, instead of low-high-low-high damage so can estimate the number of hits against a monster accurately hits is best to prevent monsters from retaliating.

Hope that clarifies your doubt. Evan 9th Growth Skill Build: Flame Wheel 1 2. Magic Mastery MAX 3. Flame Wheel MAX 4. Maple Warrior MAX 6.

Just putting it out there: Hi Mark, just as EdwardLimChinShen answered, it basically means to distribute all of your remaining skill points into that skill. Reason being, MapleStory skill system requires you to use up all of your skills before it allows you to input SP Skill Point into higher job advancement skills. It means literally dumping all your skill points into that skill. Usually said or used at the last skill of the skill build guide.

Updated Evan Skills to GMS v. Fire Circle, Lightning Bolt, Ice Breath, Magic Flare, Dragon Thrust, Fire Breath, Illusion and Blaze. Evan is kinda strong with no funding. At least for me I could hit KO enemies with weapons within the same level.

With scrolled and cube equipment, it helps you to kill tougher monsters above your level which rewards better EXP. Thanks for pointing it out. I have updated to the pros and cons list based on your feedback.

Sorry for the slow reply. All skills are available initially. To upgrade skills, purchase the Mastery Books with meso. No you do not need nx to get mastery books now due to the RED update. Now you can get your mastery books from the henesys general store for k. Also with your ability points should go into Intelligence. Once Intelligence is maxed you should put it into Luk I believe.

Hope this information helps. With the new updates have the NX skillbooks been removed? And also what should I do with my ability points? Then again, they keep changing it. Buccaneer skill, or that green potion from monster park extreme, etc. Hi Sesso, playing Phantom is far more interesting and fun compared to Evan. Evan usually spams 1 type of attack whereas Phantom can change to different skills.

Heya Ayumi, would you suggest playing Evan or Phantom? I am a level Evan. Hi its me again. I wan to know that will Demon Avenger which recommended from u low potential at late game means after lvl ? Hi Jack, if you would like to play a job that has unique battle system, you can try Angelic Buster, Luminous, Kaiser, Demon Avenger and Demon Slayer. Once RED patch is up, you can move on to leveling some Adventurer character such as Cleric. Hi i have 3 years no play maple dy.

Can you recommend a job for me? I m wonder which job is nice. Hi RaikaZero, they will be removing those skill books not Mastery Books in RED. Mastery Books can be converted into a generic mastery book which uncap any skill. Hey, what level do you get the dragon mount?

If not, how much does it cost? Either way I want to know how to get it. Hi EvanClass, you can use it without doing Evan Quest. Some Evan quest gives some free SP. Dear AyumiLove,I wanna ask you something… Why my evan lv20 quest added at the 1st evan jobs?????? Hi Vizer33, previously Dual Blade and Evan are special class that requires players to purchase skill books from Cash Shop.

Not sure how it goes now, maybe MapleSEA has changed it but other region may yet to follow suite. Hi Shadowolfcub, skill books are dropped from bosses.

I have yet to get a skill book from Mystery Mastery Book. I was tripping out! Also I have exactly 15 points to put into magic guard right now. Ashki, I encountered the same problem as well and found out that magic guard is a spell that now requires you to buy the mastery book with nx to reach mastery.

Also, any growth that has had a mastery book used for one of its abilities will eventually have one point left over without anywhere to put it. Just wanted you to know in third growth they changed magic guard so that you only need 5 skill points to max it. Once you reach the 9th growth where you unlock Flame Wheel you will save your time walking but killing enemies at super long range.

Currently raising my Evan. Magic guard in 3rd job on GMS is maxed at 5. After lvl 37 you have nothing to put points into o. Hi Hjx, sorry for the late reply. I recommend you to purchase Flame Wheel Skill Book from Free Market. There has higher chance of obtaining skill books. Where would you advise me to get the core or skillbook for flame wheel? Because i have been zaking the normal zakum but did not give out any of the core. Hi topsycrets, you could try Kaiser, Kanna, Mercedes, Dual Blades, Hayato and Demon Slayer for that matter: Hi topsycreyts, Evan uses Flame Wheel and Earthquake for training.

Flame Wheel for far range attack whereas Earthquake is for multiple platforms effects both above and bottom platform. The mobbing skill would still be flame wheel. Hi edeathd, lasts means the duration of the buff.

Thanks for the heads up! Soul Stone Supportive Temporarily buff 6 party members with a life insurance. If they die while the buff is active, they will be resurrected. Hi Sunday03, ask yourself this question. Do you like to play as a supportive character role or an attacker role?

MapleStory Demon Slayer Skill Build Guide | AyumiLove

I play a Bishop before and it lacks the amount of raw power to dish out against enemy which in short, kills enemy very slowly as compared to solo attacker such as Thief Assassin. Bishop have been nerfed a lot. If you are the opposite type of person of Bishop, then go ahead with Evan.

If you are new to this game, I suggest to try out Demon Avenger. Is illusion better than blaze for soloing bosses? I am somewhat confused about which one would be better. There seems to be discrepancies in the information of the 3rd growth skill build. The explanation and the actual skill build conflict. Makes me kinda confused. This same applies with purchasing meso with money bag from Cash Shop as this basically ruins the in-game experience. I have friends who purchase them. Once the meso seller receives real money from you, he will purchase a FreeMarket coupon shop for you to setup in FreeMarket Channel Room by sending it as a gift to your IGN character.

Seller asks you to purchase arrow per barrel from Potion Shop and price each arrow at 5 million meso in your FreeMarket shop. Once you have setup your FreeMarket, the seller will go to your shop in FreeMarket and purchase those arrows at that price until you receive the targeted amount.

Hi Ayumil, How are you sure that these Meso sites and actually safe and how does those people on that site give you the mesos? Do they come directly to you or what? Hi darkmoon53, there are few ways to earn that sum of money.

Easiest way is to purchase NX Gachapon Tickets, go to one of the Gachapon NPC in a town, and hopefully be lucky to get a high demand item that cost few millions.

Rinse and repeat until you achieve 10 million mesos. Second method is to purchase meso from meso website such as http: Third way would be trade an item with the person who has an extra dragon sattle that they do not need. Fourth way is to hunt monster drops and sell them in Free Market until you get 10 million meso. Hi Iwillbeehere, for me I train at Haunted Mansion from Level 55 to 90 on Twisted Jesters or complete Chryse Quest at Level 50 to For more training spots, check this guide http: Hi Aegis, playing MapleStory is a way to spend your leisure time.

maplestory meso making guide unleashed

Make both low level characters Evan and Battlemage and see which 1 suits your playing style. Then proceed with the one you like the most. I have all Evan mastery books and all Battlemage masters.

BasilMarket Meso Making guide? thread

And loads of nx for 2x. So tell me what am I to do?: Hi Evanicaboy, both are good in their respective ways. However, I could say that by equipping any other of this jobs with godly scrolled equipment with 6 lines potential from both regular and advanced potential scrollsyou will hit max damage cap.

This can be easily obtained with the help of 3 deck cards and link skills. Hi Sher, if you do not do any side quests, you will not be able to max out all the skills listed above because some quests give 1 SP Skill Point which you can allocate to a skill. Unless you are power leveling gaining levels quickly through pure training or leeching without doing quests except Job Advancement Questyou will not be able to max out all the skills as shown above.

Hi Ayumi, great guide! Definitely helped me A LOT, been refering to this since level 1: Everything maxed except Dragon Thrust. So for the 6th growth skill build, I would be able to max everything except 1 skill? Hi Evanicaboy, jobs that has hyper skills will require skill points to unlock them: If you see it grayed out in your skill window and your level isit means that the hyper skill it not implemented yet.

Or you have not reached the minimum level requirement. Hi HappyEvan, basically Evan shared the same pros and cons like a regular Magician including the equipment they use, just that they uses a unique job advancement known as growth since the dragon aid is becoming more powerful as you level up. I heard that some skills require Mastery Books purchased from Cash Shop. That might be a con, similar to Dual Blades. Hi Scarlion, both Battle Mage and Evan has their own strength and weaknesses.

Hi Evan, Blaze is stronger than Illusion. I have seen few Evan at LHC Lion Heart Castle training on Bearwolf dealing max damage with Illusion just to show but its best to use Flame Wheel for more than 1 enemy. Hi Hjx, you can unlock Summon Onyx Dragon Hyper Skill at Level I have added Hyper Skills information in the Evan Guide.

Hi ayumi I was just wondering if you could possibly port the skill videos or if you could make one? And also could you post the stats for 10 th growth blaze?

Awesome guide, however for the 6th through 10th jobs do all the skills still get maxed it is not mentioned. AyumiLove Anime, MapleStory Guides, Game Walkthrough, Recipe, SEO and Tutorial MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide Posted in MapleStory. Updated on April 20, by Ayumilove. Evan Evan Changelog GMS v. Evan Skill Combinations 1. Evan 1st Job Skills Mana Burst I Active Two bursts of mana attack enemies in front.

Magic Guard MAX Explanation: Evan 2nd Job Skills Mana Burst II Active Three bursts of mana attack enemies in front. Wind Circle MAX Evan 3rd Job Skills Mana Burst III Active Four bursts of mana attack enemies in front. Dragon Potential MAX Evan 4th Job Skills Mana Burst IV Active Required: Heroic Memories MAX Explanation: Evan 5th Job Skills Please refer to MapleStory 5th Job Skills Guide for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores!

Evan Skill Cores Elemental Barrage Utilizes powerful elemental magic in succession. Evan In-Depth Skill Combo Analysis 1. Earth Dive 6 Quick Search: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave a comment on the article if you spot mistakes or would like to share some info not shown here or notify if guide is outdated or missing something!

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