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When you check into a hotel or rent a car using your Travel Card, the merchant may block a certain amount on your card. This is called pre-authorisation. We recommend that you DO NOT use your Travel Card at the time of checking-in or initiating a rental.

Use any other credit card for making the reservations.

Merchants will allow you to use your Matrix Forex Card at the time of settling your final bill. If you have used your Travel Card for check-in or while renting a car, please ensure that at the time of final settlement you cancel the pre-authorisation and take a fresh authorisation for the actual bill amount.

If this is not done, pre-authorized funds may not be available to you immediately. The Matrix Forex Chip Card is the new technology standard in payment which offers the highest level of security. This technology is mandatory in several foreign countries,especially those in Europe. The Chip inside your Matrix Forex Card helps protect against attacks by fraudsters in point-of-sale transactions. Complimentary Comprehensive Travel Insurance Coverage - Card member is extended complimentary insurance coverage — Personal Accident Death ; Loss of Travel Documents; Hijacking; Delay in receipt of checked baggage; Missing of connecting internal flight during Transit; Lost card liability; counterfeit card liability.

Only for Matrix Travel Card Customers, Emergency Cash Assistance is extended free of charge.

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The chip card is also known as EMV Card. EMV is the brand name of EMV Co. EMV stands for Europay MasterCard Visa. This organization has set the standards for payment cards with chip. Due to the increasing fraud and misuse with the payments done by magnetic stripe cards, the smart EMV cards have been developed according to the EMV standard in order to prevent fraud and misuse. This makes the chip card more secure against card fraud than cards that rely only on data encoded in a magnetic stripe on the back of the card.

Yes, if you want to block the card temporarily, you can do so yourself through the Internet log-in or you may call our hour Customer Care. You will need to follow a similar process to get the card active again.

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Web-based Access to Account Information: Sent on preferred Email ID provided at time of card purchase. SMS alerts are real time and automated. An individual can purchase and hold a single card of the same currency at any given point of time.

If you are travelling to more than one country on a single trip, then more than one travel card can be issued to you in different currencies, albeit in different currencies, is within the overall RBI approved limits for the trip.

Usage of your Matrix Forex Card should be in strict accordance with the regulations ofthe Reserve Bank of India and FEMA. You may load a minimum of units of currency that you have chosen for the card. Dynamic Currency Conversion DCC , also referred to as Cardholder Preferred Currency CPC , is a service offered by merchants — not VISA - in some countries when you are traveling abroad.

If you choose to use the DCC service, the merchant will convert the purchase price of goods or services at the point of sale from the currency in which the price i.

We recommend NOT to opt for DCC settlement if offered by merchant at the time of payment of bills. You can buy the Card at the foreign exchange rate prevalent on the day as offered by the Matrix branch. Similarly, for refunds, the prevailing exchange rate is applied. A Travel Card can be loaded with only one currency. However, you can take a card each for every currency that you want. You may also choose to carry a card in only one currency and use it worldwide, irrespective of the currency of the destination country.

However, a card in one currency can be used to transact anywhere across the world. No, you cannot use the card in India, Nepal and Bhutan. You can enquire the balance free of charge at ICICI Bank ATMs in India. The balance displayed would be in Indian Rupee equivalent.

You can also generate a new ATM PIN at ICICI Bank ATMs free of charge. Refunds have to be claimed within days from your date of arrival as per RBI regulations. If you do not avail of the refund on time, the card would be suspended and you could face legal action. If you forget the ATM PIN, you may call our hour Customer Care and request a new ATM PIN.

After the Customer Care executive verifies your details, the new ATM PIN will activated and told via the phone. The card comes with zero lost card liability after its loss being reported. Immediately report the loss of the card by calling up the 24 hour Customer Care. We would block the card from any further usage. On request, the Replacement Card can then be activated. In case the Replacement Card is also lost, a replacement card would be shipped to an address of the customer's choice.

You may need a replacement card if the primary card is misplaced or lost. A replacement card is available in the card kit at the time of purchase.

The replacement card can be activated by calling up the call centre and requesting for balance transfer. Your ATM and net PIN can also be generated. Should you happen to lose both, the primary as well as the replacement card, you can ask for another replacement card that will be sent to your location. Any transaction, which is done in an offline mode Manual key entry would be declined, as it does not get routed to the online system.

If you need any other information regarding the Matrix Forex Card, please call our hour Customer Care. ATMs are designed to prevent fraudulent transactions and may withhold your cardwhen you make multiple attempts to withdraw cash with an incorrect PIN.

If this happens, please report it immediately. There should be a local helpline number displayed at the ATM or, if the ATM is next to a bank branch, you can contact the bank staff. You would be asked to identify yourself through relevant ID documents. If you are unable to recover your card, notify your bank immediately and request for blocking ofthe card to avoid any misuse.

Please inform your bank if you received an incorrect amount. This would typically be spotted by the ATM owner and the ATM owner will seek to adjust the transaction amount with your card issuer; hence making sure your account is debited with the correct amount. Ask the merchant to ensure that he has either dipped or swiped on a EDC Electronic Data Capture machine or so called POS machine Point-Of-Sale.

If the card is still getting declined, walk into the nearest ATM to check the available balance on the card. The Matrix Forex Card is backed by Global Customer Assistance Services as an extended arm to service our customers in emergencies.

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This is a paid service provided by VISA. Matrix Forex Cardholders can receive assistance from VISA Global Customer Assistance Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The charges for the services are: Miscellaneous Customer Service Inquiries: However only for Matrix Travel Card customers, Emergency Cash Assistance service is given absolutely free of cost.

Australia ; Canada ; China South ; China North France ; Germany ; India Access Code then Indonesia ; Italy ; Hong Kong ; Japan ; Korea ; Malaysia ; New Zealand ; Philippines ; Singapore ; Taiwan ; Thailand 3 ; UK ; USA In case the customers are travelling in any other part of the world, they may avail of these services by placing a collect call to There should be no 'linkage' either direct or indirect between the provision of banking services offered by the bank to its customers and use of the insurance products.

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Funds can be reloaded on the card, as-and-when required. What are the currencies in which EMV chip option is available? The Chip Card is available only in USD, GBP, EURO and CHF currencies. How is a Matrix Forex Chip Card better than a magnetic strip card? Is a temporary block facility available on the card? How do I track my transactions from wherever I am in the world?

Log-in through the "Login for Travel Card customers" link using their Internet Login ID Internet login ID is the 16 digit Travel card number and IPIN is in the welcome kit. SMS alerts are sent for: Can I purchase more than one Matrix Travel Card? What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can load on my Travel Card? What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

What conversion rates are charged at the time of purchase? If I am traveling to two different countries in one trip, can I get two different currencies loaded on the same card? Can I buy more than one Matrix Forex Card?

You can buy one card for each currency. Can I use the card in India? Can I retain the foreign exchange on my Matrix Forex Card after returning to India? What if I forget the ATM PIN of my Matrix Forex Card?

what is matrix forex card

What should one do to prevent unauthorized usage in case I lose the card? Why would I need a replacement card? What should I do if my card is "swallowed" by the ATM? What should I do if the amount I get from the ATM is incorrect? If the merchant says that the card is not working, what is to be done? Ensure you using the Primary Card and not the replacement card More Info.

You may withdraw the cash from the ATM and settle with the merchant. What is Global Customer Assistance Service GCAS provided to customers?

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